LJ Hire - Rules of Visit Acknowledgement

We look forward to seeing you at our venue!

Before you enter, please complete this form - a barcode will be emailed to you which will be required upon entry to receive a wristband

I agree to the following:

  1. I am the parent/guardian of the child below, or I act under the granted authority of the parent/guardian of the child below. I will act as the responsible adult for the child and consent for them to take part in the use of equipment and/or activities operated by Slab Ltd (trading as LJ Hire).

  2. The safety rules are :

    1. No food or drink in the sports hall​

    2. No shoes on the inflatables, socks to be worn at all times

    3. No climbing on walls

    4. No pushing, shoving, rough or foul play with other users of the equipment

    5. No adults permitted on the equipment, unless assisting a child

    6. No crossing behind the safety chain or barrier, or touching any electrical / mechanical equipment

    7. Avoid wearing glasses, where possible

    8. Listen and STOP upon hearing a whistle or air horn blown by the operator/staff on site

    9. At busy times, operator/staff may direct children to form a queue and await their turn on the equipment/activity

  3. I agree that I will be responsible for the child's wellbeing by ensuring they abide by the above safety rules plus any oral advice provided by staff.

  4. The child using the equipment is of a reasonable fitness which would allow them to partake in the use of equipment / activities. To the best of my knowledge, they do not have a medical condition which is currently uncontrolled and may be exacerbated by the use of the equipment (for example - but not limited to, uncontrolled asthma or uncontrolled diabetes). 

  5. In the unlikely event of an accident, loss, or damage to personal belongings, I will not hold Slab Ltd (trading as LJ Hire) responsible for any liability related to injury, loss or damage, except where the company is negligent in their responsibilities.

Please contact us if you have any questions before completing the form below.

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