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Why are the blower tubes on an inflatable so long?

Another question people ask is do blower tubes need to be straight?

The answer in short is - yes.

There must be a minimum of 120cm between the back wall and the edge of the blower. This is to prevent injury from users falling off the back wall of an inflatable. So the blower tubes should be straight in this instance to ensure this distance is maintained.

Accidents have occurred where head injury has been sustained from this exact scenario.

Fortunately a lot of inflatables have their back wall filled in so people cannot climb and fall off it.

Can an inflatable with a filled in back wall have a blower tube which is not straight?

The best position is to keep the blower tube straight at all times. If there is sufficient space then there is no excuse to not keep the blower tube straight.

The exception to that is when an operator may complete a dynamic risk assessment due to limited space. If putting the blower tube on an angle helps to Increase the fall off area, and the pressure Has been checked and shows it is above 1kpa (or as directed by the manufacturer), then the risk of moving the blower tube angle may be lower than injury from a person falling off the front step.

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