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Setting up Inflatables to British Standards

Its the highlight of a party, an event, or a sunny weekend. Hiring an inflatable is a great way to keep children entertained for hours on end.

Did you know there is a British standard which covers the manufacturer & safe set up of inflatable bouncy castles? It’s called BS EN 14960 - which isn’t a particularly exciting title. So why does it matter?

Having an inflatable set up correctly to a British standard means it presents the lowest risk to a person using it. Risk is always a game of chance, but taking the lowest risk option helps to shift the odds in preventing serious injuries.

Doesn’t everyone who hires out bouncy castles set up in this way? The sad truth is no. It could be a lack of understanding, or just a lack of appreciation for safety. To help you understand what to look out for when hiring a bouncy castle, the health & safety executive have produced a helpful guide for people hiring inflatable equipment.

An example would be the set up on concrete, where it cannot be staked to the ground. There is a way to site castles on concrete and meet the standards, but it’s very rarely done. If done incorrectly, it is very unlikely any insurance would be valid as most have a clause stating inflatables are required to be appropriately secured to the ground when used outdoors.

One way to tell if a company/hirer is meeting British standards is if they have completed the RPII (register of play inspectors international) annual inspector or operators course. This is recognised by HSE and helps to deem a person as suitably competent in setting up inflatable equipment to British standards. This should be completed by the main manager/director of the company.

Here at LJ Hire we have always followed these standards, and all of our staff have been trained and signed off against our written standard operating procedures. To help demonstrate this even more, our director has completed the RPII operator course and is registered with the RPII.

This means every time you hire from LJ Hire, you can be rest assured you are hiring from a competent company, who strive in the safe use of inflatable equipment.

To check whether a person is registered click this link

Can your current bouncy castle hirer meet our high standards?

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