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How to operate an inflatable bouncy castle

How hard can it be? Well - it can be really easy to operate a bouncy castle you hire for your own event or in your back garden.

The best tip is to remember what a bouncy castle is. It is a piece of equipment children are using to have fun on. In a way, it is like having a fairground ride in your back garden or at your event! But you would expect a few things from a ride, like ensuring it is operated safely, and there are steps taken to reduce the risk of injury. Well this is where knowing how to operate an inflatable comes in to play.

The Health & Safety Executive have created a fact sheet about hiring and supervising an inflatable.

People need to be able to get on and off the inflatable safely. This means steps are kept clear, safety mats are appropriately positioned, and children do not jump or bounce on the front step.

Be careful with what is taken onto the castle. Sharp objects can cause damage to the castle - which may lead to rapid deflation/collapse. Whilst food and drinks can lead to choking.

Some of the regular accidents which occur on inflatables are bumps and bruises due to rough play, overcrowding, or larger children using the equipment at the same time as smaller children. Or when children climb to the top of the castle structure.

Proper supervision at all times by an adult will ensure children are using the inflatable safely, and do not put themselves in danger by becoming too adventurous.

LJ hire has created a safety video which we send to all of our customers a week before their hire. We always recommend people to watch the video, and to ready the safety instructions we leave to ensure you are fully familiar with operating an inflatable.

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